If you cannot reach the Transport Service customer service after 15 minutes of waiting, you can catch a taxi at a taxi rank

If you cannot get a hold of our customer service centre in 15 minutes by telephone or the transport you have ordered is more than 15 minutes late, you can order a taxi from the Taksi Helsinki or Menevä taxi centre or catch a taxi from these transport service providers at a taxi rank.
Invataksin takaosa.
Photo: Jussi Hellsten

The same applies for SMS and email orders. If your trip is not confirmed within 15 minutes of your order, you may take a taxi at a taxi rank.You can order a car by calling Taxi Helsinki on 09 4246 8155 or Meneva on 0800 02120.

If you order a taxi from the Taksi Helsinki or Menevä taxi centre, let the centre know that you are a Helsinki Transport Service customer. You can pay for your trip with the Transport Service payment card as long as you have confirmed at the time of placing the order that the card can be used as a payment method in the car.

Let the Helsinki Transport Service customer service centre know of the trip as soon as possible after its completion.

Also include the number of the taxi, which you can find on the taxi receipt. 

Please note that if you catch a taxi from a taxi rank when our service centre was not busy or the car was not late, the cost of trip may be charged from you.