Helsinki opened two centralised maternity and child health clinics

Sometimes, appointments with the nurses of maternity and child health clinics have to be cancelled on short notice due to reasons such as illnesses among the staff. Helsinki has now opened new units for such situations. With the new units, scheduled appointments no longer have to be cancelled, as they can be rescheduled potentially for the same or the following day.
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Photo: Kaisa Sunimento

Rescheduled appointments are held primarily at the client’s local or nearby maternity and child health clinic like before (particularly for infants and pregnant mothers), but they can also be transferred to the two centralised units in Ruoholahti and Malmi. If necessary, scheduled home visits will also be carried out where possible.

The Ruoholahti and Malmi offices serve the clients of maternity and child health clinic nurses from the entire Helsinki area. The new operating model serves clients better than before when appointments have to be suddenly cancelled. Now, there is no need to postpone maternity or child health clinic appointments, as they can be held even on the same day as scheduled.

If necessary, the maternity and child health clinic staff will contact the client primarily by phone or text message, whereby the arrangement can be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

After their appointment at the centralised unit, the client will continue their maternity and child health clinic appointments normally at their local clinic.

Centralised maternity and child health clinics:
Itämerenkatu 5a, 00180 Helsinki (2nd floor)
Malmin raitti 17 a, 00700 Helsinki (3rd floor)

Reservations, cancellations and messages to the maternity and child health clinic: leads to external service) 
Maternity and child health clinic telephone service tel. +358 (0)9 310 55530 (weekdays from 8.00 to 14.00)


Picture: Kaisa Sunimento