Helsinki Mayor in Brussels to attend joint meeting of EU capitals and European Commission

On 23 January, Mayor of Helsinki Juhana Vartiainen will participate in a meeting between the European Union capital cities and the European Commission. The event will be hosted by the City of Brussels, as Belgium has held the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union since the start of 2024.
EU-flags in front of the Helsinki City Hall. Photo: Kimmo Brandt
EU-flags in front of the Helsinki City Hall. Photo: Kimmo Brandt

Brussels has determined that the theme of the joint meeting will focus on the principles of the rule of law and democracy, as well as their realisation at the local, national and EU levels and as the result of cooperation amongst these different tiers.

In connection with the meeting, Mayor Vartiainen will speak at an invitation-only event between the capital representatives and the EU Commissioner Didier Reynders, and at an event that is open to the public, to which young people and students have in particular been invited, in addition to other target groups.

On Wednesday January 24, after the joint meeting has concluded, the Brussels-Capital Region will organise a second event that will gather not only the European cities, but also the capital regions, city networks and various EU institutions. The main theme of this Wednesday event is to consider how European urban policy can be better taken into account in EU decision-making and programmes.

“The themes that are up for discussion in Brussels – the rule of law and enhanced consideration of urban policy in EU decision-making – are extremely relevant at the moment, in part because of the upcoming European Parliament elections in June 2024. The EU should see the cities of Europe as their strategic partners in efforts to attain shared European goals and solve myriad challenges,” Mayor Vartiainen said.