Construction of new Kruunuvuorenranta school delayed

The construction of the Kruunuvuorenranta school was planned to commence this spring, and the school was to be opened in autumn 2026. The construction of the school could not be started on schedule.
Ilmakuva työmaa-alueesta. Kuvaan on merkitty keskeytetyn rakennushankkeen alueet ja suojellun noron likimääräinen sijainti. Kadut on merkitty punaisella ja tontit sinisellä.

The new school building is planned to be built in the service block between Stansvikin rantakatu, Varisluodonkatu and Pitkäluodonkatu. The block currently consists primarily of a gravel field that was previously part of the oil harbour.

The construction of the aforementioned streets was suspended in November 2023 due to the discovery of a streamlet protected by the Water Act in the area. The complaints related to the construction of the streets are still being processed by the Administrative Court and Regional State Administrative Agency, as a result of which the construction of the streets has not been able to resume.

As the construction of the streets has been delayed, the construction of the school could not commence as planned in spring 2024. The plans for the service block include the construction of a comprehensive school, a daycare centre, a playground, a youth centre and a sports hall. According to the original timetable, the new school would have been opened in autumn 2026.

Temporary pavilion solutions being planned

The City will start preparing a pavilion school solution and looking into whether current pavilions can continue to be used after autumn 2026. The City will also start looking for potential locations for a temporary school and daycare centre building.

Updated information on population growth and the increasing number of children in the area will become available once the new population forecast is completed. This information can then be used in the autumn to estimate the space needs of the Kruunuvuorenranta school and daycare centre facilities and pavilion solutions in the coming years.

Processing of complaints still in progress

In the autumn, NGOs submitted an application to the ELY Centre and Regional State Administrative Agency to suspend the construction project on nature preservation grounds. The ELY Centre rejected the application in November, but the NGOs appealed to the Administrative Court, which is still processing the case.

The Regional State Administrative Agency has been processing the application throughout the spring and is yet to reach a decision. The processing of the Regional State Administrative Agency’s decision may still continue in the courts if it is appealed.