Construction of a Kamppi Health and Well-being Centre commences in January

The actual construction of the new health and well-being centre will commence in Kamppi on 2 January with excavation work. The construction is expected to last until the end of 2027.
Kamppi Health and Well-being Centre  and two other buildings, street and sky
Kamppi Health and Well-being Centre from the Fredrikinkatu-street side. Photo: PES-Arkkitehdit Oy

The next four years will see the construction of a new modern health and wellbeing centre building in Kamppi. The building will also house business premises and provide access to Kamppi Metro Station. The building will be eight storeys tall and also include two underground floors. The project also involves improvements to the nearby street area and plaza.   

“The main focus areas of the planning were the building's accessibility and user-friendliness, life cycle sustainability and high quality in terms of the cityscape. Since the area is so densely built, both above and below ground, the difficulty of the planning process and the construction work is great. However, the designers have found good solutions to both the cityscape-related and more technical coordination challenges,” praises Project Director Tuomo Salonpää from the City of Helsinki.

The site has been granted a building permit and a contract has been drawn up on its implementation. The main contractor of the project, YIT, published its investor news article (Link leads to external service)(in Finnish) on  22nd December 2023. 

The construction site website 

The construction site has a dedicated website through which you can follow the progress of the work: leads to external service)(in Finnish).

Excavation will cause noise

Excavation at the construction site will begin in January. The Kamppi Metro Station ticket hall will be demolished later in the winter. The demolition of the Kamppi Metro Station ticket hall will proceed to the outdoor demolition phase later in winter. 

Although every effort will be made to minimise the inconvenience caused by the construction site, the site will result in noise, vibrations and dust in nearby areas. The loudest noises will be caused by the rock drilling and blasting carried out during the early stages of the construction work. 

The noisiest phase will last from January to September. Work that generates noise will be carried out on weekdays between 7:00 and 18:00. Quieter work will be carried out also at other times.

Most traffic diverted to alternative routes

The most recent alternative pedestrian routes were adopted on week 51. Car and cycling traffic on Runeberginkatu was already diverted to Malminkatu earlier to avoid the construction site. 

The metro station can be accessed via Kamppi shopping centre. The lifts in the metro ticket hall are estimated to remain in service for the time being. The tram stop on Fredrikinkatu (H0234 Kamppi M) has been moved to the front of Sähkötalo.

Map with construction site and aternative routes
Alternative routes. Photo: YIT