City of Helsinki leases out kiosk spots for 2024–2029

The competitive tendering of the lease agreements for kiosk spots becoming available in public areas of the City of Helsinki will begin on Tuesday, 8 March 2023. Your company can participate in the tendering of the kiosk spots at an online auction open to all.
The City of Helsinki leases out kiosk spots in public street and park areas to entrepreneurs.  Photo: Lauri Hänninen
The City of Helsinki leases out kiosk spots in public street and park areas to entrepreneurs. Photo: Lauri Hänninen

City of Helsinki will lease out 13 kiosk spots located all over the city based on bids made at an online auction. Rental period for the kiosk spots is from 1 May 2024 until 31 December 2029, and the lease agreements are year-round. 

The lease agreement only entitles the lessee to use the land area and does not include a kiosk building. You cannot locate a food truck or other kind of mobile food establishment on the kiosk spot.

The auctions for all spots will take place between 8 and 21 March 2024. The kiosk spots available for rent and the lease terms are presented at the beginning of the tendering process on the website(Link leads to external service) (Link leads to external service, in Finnish). 

The final rent for each of the kiosk spots will be based on the minimum rent defined for each location and the bids made at the auction. The bids are made for monthly rents.

The Urban Environment Committee’s decision to tender out the kiosk spots aims to ensure that all kiosk entrepreneurs are treated equally. The competitive tendering also gives new operators the possibility to access the market. The auction is an open and transparent way for everyone to participate in the tendering, as the highest bid is displayed on the platform in real time.

Helsinki also offers a variety of other opportunities for kiosk entrepreneurs
In addition to the kiosk spots leased in the tendering process, the City of Helsinki also offers other opportunities for kiosk entrepreneurs.

Food trucks are one example of the different forms of kiosk entrepreneurship. They do not have their own, permanent sales spots, but either have specific city centre sales spots at their disposal or can sell their products more freely outside the city centre. Movable kiosks pay a fixed fee based either on an annual or on a monthly contract.

The City also leases out kiosks at outdoor swimming pools, beaches and sports facilities as well as cafés and kiosks at libraries and other cultural facilities. More information is available from the Culture and Leisure Division. The City also leases out its own business premises, including kiosks, for the use of companies.

Entrepreneurs can enquire about matters related to the kiosk spot tendering by e-mail at opens default mail program) (Link opens default mail program).