Mobile sales operations: food trucks and mopeds, sales carts and bicycle cafés

Here you can find instructions on what permits are needed to set up a mobile food establishment, i.e. a food truck or moped, a bicycle café, a beverage cart or similar establishment. You can also find out what other things you should keep in mind when setting up a mobile food establishment.

Photo: Aleksi Poutanen, MyHelsinki

Do you sell foodstuffs from the vehicle on a regular basis?

A mobile food establishment is a transportable space from which food or other foodstuffs are sold. The permits you need depend on the type of your vehicle, the degree of professionalism of your operations and the type of foodstuffs sold.

If you regularly sell foodstuffs from your food truck or cart, you always need to register with the city and acquire a user licence. You also have to inform the food control authorities if you are taking part in any events.

Registering and notification obligation of food trucks

Establishing a food truck and its user rights

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Do you occasionally sell food from a bicycle, cart or a moped?

You may not necessarily need a separate permit. However, remember to make sure that you meet all the criteria. Find out whether you are obligated to inform the food control authorities of your operations.

Mobile sales and distribution from a bicycle, cart or moped