Children’s after-school activities to be expanded and harmonised in Helsinki in 2022–2024

After-school activities under the Basic Education Act consist of versatile guided and free-form activities. The activities are planned and organised together wit
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Helsinki has 64 playgrounds, of which eight currently organise after-school activities for schoolchildren under the Basic Education Act. Between 2022 and 2024, schoolchildren’s activities will be changed to be organised in accordance with the Basic Education Act in all playgrounds in Helsinki.

The aim of the change is to ensure sufficient after-school activities for schoolchildren in all districts in the future as well as to harmonise the practices in Helsinki. After-school activities under the Basic Education Act have a statutory staffing ratio.

Schools, playgrounds, organisations and private service providers are jointly responsible for the provision of after-school activities at 230 locations in Helsinki. Activities are also organised, for example, at schools and other suitable premises near schools.

In the school year 2022–2023, the after-school activities for schoolchildren will be carried out in accordance with the Basic Education Act in the following playgrounds: Arabia, Brahe, Etupelto, Ida, Iso-Antti, Isonneva, Kankarepuisto, Kannelmäki, Kesanto, Kiikku, Kiiltotähti, Kotinummi, Lampi, Lohikäärmepuisto, Maunula, Myllynsiipi, Orava, Piika, Roihuvuori, Rusthollari, Seppä, Strömberg, Soihtu, Taivallahti, Tullinpuomi, Viikkari and Vähätupa.

In other playgrounds, activities in the school year 2022–2023 will continue as schoolchildren’s activities under the Early Childhood Education Act. Playgrounds that organise the activities for schoolchildren communicate their activities on a site-specific basis.

After-school activities under Basic Education Act support a coherent learning path for children

After-school activities for schoolchildren promote children’s mutual friendships, school satisfaction and wellbeing and support the development of a coherent school day. In the activities, attention is paid to promoting the participation of children with special needs and various cultural backgrounds. The goal is to make every child’s day a coherent whole.

After-school activities for schoolchildren are laid down in the Basic Education Act. They are based on the National Core Curriculum for Morning and After-school Activities in Basic Education of the Finnish National Agency for Education and the City of Helsinki’s Action Plan for After-school Activities. After 2024, after-school activities throughout Helsinki will be organised on a uniform basis according to the plan drawn up now in accordance with the Basic Education Act. Playground-specific changes and registration will be announced separately before the start of the operating period in the playgrounds where the change will take place in 2023.

Applying for after-school activities

Pupils in grades 1–2 and older pupils in special needs education can apply for after-school activities. The application period for after-school activities for schoolchildren in the school year 2022–2023 is 21 March–22 April 2022. We will inform you in more detail about after-school activities and application instructions closer to the application period.

The client fees in the academic year 2022–2023 are EUR100 per month (activities ending at 16:00) and EUR120 per month (activities ending at 17:00). It is possible to apply for a reduction on the client fee.

The activities will start on the first day of the autumn term in August and will be organised according to school hours and holidays.

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