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Schoolchildren activities in playgrounds

Playgrounds organise afternoon activities for schoolchildren on school days

Playground activities for schoolchildren are organised in the afternoon after the school day. The activities are free of charge and intended for children in grades 1–6. Playground activities for schoolchildren are mainly arranged in Finnish. All children are welcome to participate in the activities.

Service description

Announcement to customers 18.3.2021: Registration is starting for schoolchildren’s playground activities (PDF)

2021/3/18 للزبائن ب, (PDF)

Ogeysiinta macaamilka 18.3.2021 (PDF)

Информация для клиентов от 18.03.2021 (PDF)

Registration instructions

  1. The registration period for playground activities for schoolchildren is 22 March–23 April 2021. You can enrol in the schoolchildren’s playground activities throughout the school year.

  2. The registration form should be submitted online. You can register your child to
    • Playground activities for schoolchildren with a daily snack at EUR 36.10 per month. The invoice will be addressed to the guardian whose online banking credentials are used for identification and filling in the application form


    • Playground activities for schoolchildren without the snack fee.

  3.  Fill in the registration form carefully. If there is any required information missing, you will not be able to submit the form.

  4. When submitting the form, you are asked to identify with online banking credentials, Mobile ID or an ID card with a chip. Identification will be your online signature.

Online registration for the playground activities for schoolchildren

A printed paper form can be posted to the playground. Check the playground’s postal addresses on the Finnish-only page Leikkipuistot ja perhetalot aakkosittain ja haku (content not available in English at the moment).

Find the printable registration form at the bottom of this page.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the registration form cannot be delivered directly to the playgrounds.

Information on the location of schoolchildren’s playground activities will be posted to guardians by 4 June 2021.

Playgrounds that organise afternoon activities based on the Basic Education Act

Playgrounds Etupelto, Ida, Kotinummi, Puuskakulma, Tervapääsky, Vallila and Vähätupa organise afternoon activities based on the Basic Education Act only. For more infromation on applying to the activities of these playgroungs, navigate to the Afternoon activities page.

Playground activities for schoolchildren during school holidays

During school holidays (autumn, Christmas, winter and summer holidays), the playgrounds organise day camps and open supervised activities free of charge.

In the summer, the playgrounds offer free lunch to anyone under 16 years.

Open early childhood education activities of the playgrounds do not provide medications.

Registration for schoolchildren's playground activities/Snack subject to a fee (pdf)

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