Pre-year - How to apply from Finnish comprehensive schools

All pre-year applicants apply to upper secondary lukio schools via Opintopolku (the National Joint Application) system. The application must be submitted by the deadline given.

In spring 2024, the 95 applicants with the best grade point average in Opintopolku (of the theoretical subjects of the school-leaving report from a Finnish comprehensive school) will be admitted. There is no entrance examination.

We also have a quota of max 25 students from abroad/non-Finnish comprehensive schools. If this quota is not filled, the extra places will go to applicants from Finnish comprehensive schools.

NB! If you study in a school that does not use the Finnish grading system (4-10), you probably have to choose “harkinnanvarainen valinta” in your Yhteishaku application because you will not have a GPA in the Opintopolku system (for example the European School of Helsinki, the International School of Helsinki). Even though your school is in Finland, you are still applying with a "foreign", non-Finnish school background. Check with your school’s student counsellor if you are unsure!