Kallio Upper Secondary School of Performing Arts

Our Finnish-language general upper secondary has a special educational task in performing arts. All our students study on a performing arts track.

Performing arts subjects

  • Dance - One can study improvisation and the techniques of modern dance and jazz dance. One can also study acrobatics, the aesthetics of movement, choreography and knowledge of one’s body. The goal in dance is to help one to find one’s own body as a means of expression.
  • Speech communication - Are you at a loss of words? Is your thought not clear enough? What to do when you get frightened of speaking in public? Speech communication courses focus on observing people and humanity from the perspective of interaction. It takes a lot of practise to master rhetoric.
  • Theatre - Theatre courses offer everything it takes to produce a theatre performance: acting, directing, dramaturgy, staging, costumes and other production. Students’ skills in expression, stage work and social skills are improved. Some theatre courses focus on the theory of theatre making. Drama and theatre traditions are studied diligently as well as the theory of working as an actor and the basics of directing and dramaturgy.
  • Creative writing - The courses focus on the basic techniques of writing and the ways to improve one’s own texts. Readers are paid attention to as well as argumentation and giving and receiving critique. Students write a lot and their work is both the tool and the goal of creative writing.
  • Staging - Staging is a very down to earth subject: one can actually bring theory into practice. Both the history and the implementation are studied. Staging also includes costumes and makeup, lighting and properties.
  • Media - Courses focus on writing in newspapers, both analyzing and making movies, the basics of media and radio. Students get to practise different fields, analyse and cooperate with different media.
  • Lighting and sound - Light and sound are waves but also technique and art. You reach the right wavelength when you master the basics in lighting and sound, the meaning of lighting and sound in making theatre and music. Students get to place lights, direct sound, create illusions, target spot lights and become the best friend of a director and the actors.


Kallio Upper Secondary School
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