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Applying – Contact the Service Guidance 

If you have any questions on how to apply to early childhood education or pre-primary education, please email or call us. 

Service guidance for early childhood education and pre-primary education provides guidance in application-related matters. Send email to  or call +345 9 310 80488. The telephone service is open Mon–Fri at 9:00–15:00.  

If you have any questions about Asti, user guidance is available by calling 09 310 88 800. The telephone service is open Mon–Fri at 8:00–18:00. 

There is congestion in the Service Guidance’s telephone service due to the enquiries about August and September admissions. We are currently clearing the applications for early childhood education starting in August. If you have not received a decision by 13 June, please get in touch.

  • Finnish and English-language telephone service will be closed on 17 June and 23 June.
  • Swedish-language telephone service will be closed on 21 June, 5 July, 12 July and 19 July.
  • 27 June31 July: the telephone service is open MonFri, 9 am12 pm noon.

Services – Contact our customer service 

If you need general advice on the services of daycare centres, family daycare or playgrounds, please call us.  

The Education Division’s customer service provides general guidance about the division’s services. Call 09 310 44986  or visit Töysänkatu 2 D. 

Customer service is open Mon–Fri at 9.00–12.00 noon and 13.00–15.00. Service advising is available at Töysänkatu on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, other times by appointment

You can also submit feedback, suggestions or ask questions using the Education Division feedback form

Fees or invoicing – Contact the Daycare Fee Unit 

If you have any questions about early childhood education fees, please email or call the Daycare Fee Unit of early childhood education. 

The Daycare Fee Unit of early childhood education can help you by email at  or by phone on +358 09 310 8600 (switch board). The telephone service is open Mon–Fri at 9.00–11.00. 

Daycare Fee Unit is closed on Wed 29 June 2022 and open normally on Thu 30 June 2022.

During 1–31 July the Daycare Fee Unit is closed and open normally 1 August 2022 onwards. 

If you have any questions about invoicing, payments, due date postponements or collection, please email or call the Financial Management Services. The Financial Management Services can be contacted by email at or by phone on +358 09 3102 5300. 

English or bilingual services – Contact our customer service for English-language services

If you have any questions about English or bilingual education or early childhood education in different languages, please email, call or book an appointment by email.   

Education Coordinator Elena Silverang can be contacted by email at 
or by calling +358 9 310 28393. 

You can have service in both Finnish and English. 

Daycare centres, playgrounds and family houses' contact information

The contact information for daycare centres, playgrounds and family houses available on the locations’ own pages. Find the contact details via the links below: 

Early childhood education district managers  

Helsinki is divided into 10 early childhood education districts. The early childhood education district manager is responsible for the early childhood education services in the area, which include daycare centres, family daycare, pre-primary education and club activities. 

The district manager is responsible for the finances and service network of the early childhood education district and acts as the superior of the daycare centre directors, head instructors of playgrounds and family daycare supervisors.  

Contact the Service guidance in matters related to applying to early childhood education and receiving a place in early childhood education. 

District managers:  

Southern Early Childhood Education District: Kampinmalmi, Lauttasaari, Taka-Töölö, Ullanlinna, Vironniemi 
District Manager: Katariina Laakso, tel. 09 310 4655, 050 5871447 

Central Early Childhood Education District: Kallio, Alppiharju, Vallila, Pasila, Vanhakaupunki 
District Manager: Sirpa Juuri, tel. 310 43226, 050 336 1829 

Western Early Childhood Education District: Reijola, Munkkiniemi, Haaga, Kaarela, Pitäjänmäki, Kannelmäki, Maununneva, Hakuninmaa, Kuninkaantammi, Malminkartano 
District Manager: Keijo Räikkönen, tel. 09 310 41302, 050 500 2718 

Northern Early Childhood Education District: Maunula, Länsi-Pakila, Tuomarinkylä, Oulunkylä, Itä-Pakila, Paloheinä, Torpparinmäki, Veräjänmäki 
District Manager: Raila Tiainen-Ala-Maunus, tel. 09 310 41222, 050 350 9974 

Southeastern Early Childhood Education District: Kulosaari, Herttoniemi, Laajasalo  
District Manager: Ritva Lavinto, tel. 09 310 56407, 050 345 1447 

Eastern Early Childhood Education District 1: Vartiokylä, Vuosaari, Östersundom 
District Manager: Antti Lehto-Raevuori, tel. 09 310 62842, 050 301 1969 

Eastern Early Childhood Education District 2: Myllypuro, Mellunkylä 
District Manager: Irma Sihvonen, tel. 09 310 62508, 050 362 3692

Northeastern Early Childhood Education District 1: Latokartano, Malmi, Pukinmäki 
District Manager: Eeva Tiihonen, tel. 09 310 58499, 050 336 5725 

Northeastern Early Childhood Education District 2: Jakomäki, Puistola, Suutarila 
District Manager: Paavali Pipatti, tel. 09 310 22969, 050 369 668 

Private early childhood education 
District Manager: Riikka Reunanen, tel. 09 310 32641, 040 827 6926 

Swedish early childhood education
District manager: Jenni Tirronen, tel. 09 310 73014