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Apprenticeship training

An apprenticeship is the perfect choice if you want to combine work and study.

In apprenticeship training, vocational studies are studied at the workplace and supplemented by theoretical studies at an educational institution of the field. The share of theoretical education is 0-5 days per month depending on the qualification, previous education and work experience.

An apprenticeship can be used to complete all upper secondary level vocational qualifications: basic degrees, further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications. They fulfil the general eligibility criteria required by universities of applied sciences and universities. Completing a degree takes on average 1 to 3 years.

An apprenticeship is a fixed-term employment contract between an employer and a student, during which the company pays salary to the student in the amount specified by a collective agreement. A discretionary training compensation can be paid to the employer.

Entrepreneurs can study through the Entrepreneur's apprenticeship training. In this case, the apprenticeship agreement is concluded between the entrepreneur and the Apprenticeship Training Office of Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute.

Both young people and adults can study for a profession through apprenticeship training. Competence is demonstrated by vocational skills demonstrations implemented at the workplace by doing real tasks.

In Helsinki, apprenticeship training is organised by Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute.