Third participatory budgeting round begins today with call for proposals

From 2 to 15 October, Helsinki residents can submit their ideas on how the city should spend EUR 8.8 million. The City of Helsinki and its partners organize joint events where residents can gather to brainstorm proposals.
The charter boat service is one of the projects implemented through OmaStadi. Photo: City of Helsinki.
The charter boat service is one of the projects implemented through OmaStadi. Photo: City of Helsinki.

All Helsinki residents aged 13 and over can submit suggestions in October at leads to external service). Help in submitting suggestions is available at city service points(Link leads to external service) throughout the city. In addition, the city and its partners will organise joint events where city residents can brainstorm suggestions.

The suggestions can be related to anything the city does. The money can be used for the city’s services, purchases and investments. It is also possible to come up with something completely new that could be part of the city’s services or activities. However, suggestions for ideas for participatory budgeting must meet certain criteria.

“The OmaStadi initiative is a brilliant way to implement Helsinki’s participatory budgeting as it gives every resident the opportunity to make an impact. I’ve been pleased to witness earlier proposals being been turned into reality and contributing to the continued betterment of our city. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what the next round of proposals has in store,” said Helsinki Mayor Juhana Vartiainen.

Helsinki is a work in progress, constantly improving according to our residents’ wishes 

The city will evaluate all the suggestions and, if necessary, modify and combine them in order for them to be successful in next spring’s vote. In the spring, Helsinki residents can vote on their preferred suggestions. The city will implement the suggestions that get the most votes.

“OmaStadi is a great opportunity to see your ideas become part of Helsinki. OmaStadi already had two rounds of suggestions between 2018 and 2021, where city residents voted to approve 119 for further processing,” says Johanna Sinkkonen, Participation Manager.  

Almost EUR 13 million has been spent on implementing suggestions made by residents. These include an electric charter boat, outdoor gyms, robot clubs for young people, wildflower meadows, a frog pond, bringing sheep to pasture and winter swimming spots. 

You can follow pending and completed suggestions from the previous round on the OmaStadi website.