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Some Helsinki playgrounds to remain closed for the rest of the year

Due to the shortage of staff in early childhood education, around 20 playgrounds and family houses were closed in Helsinki in September and their staff were transferred to daycare centres as substitutes. 
Photo: Konsta Linkola

In order to safeguard statutory early childhood education, the partial closure of playgrounds in Helsinki will continue and the staff transferred to daycare centres will continue to work in daycare centres from 14 November to 23 December 2022. 
“We are working extensively in the Education Division to improve the availability of staff. We also cooperate with other municipalities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area to find solutions to the sector’s labour shortages,” says Satu Järvenkallas, Executive Director.     

The following playgrounds will remain closed from 14 November to 23 December: Ruoholahti, Nuoli, Tullinpuomi, Viiri, Laurinniitty, Trumpetti, Kimmo, Vallila, Torpparinmäki, Kurranummi, Salpausselkä, Unikko, Puuskakulma, Tuorinniemi, Rudolf, Mellunmäki, Family House Sahrami and Family House Torpparinmäki. 

In addition, playgrounds Kaunokki and Munkki will be closed for the same period. 
Playgrounds Lahnalahti and Ulvila, Family House Betania and Family House Naapuri will be opened and will continue their normal activities starting 14 November.  
Family House Kajuutta and Playground Mustakivi will combine their activities from 14 November to 23 December. The activities will be reorganised on Mustakivi’s premises.  
Despite the closure, more than 40 playgrounds or family houses in Helsinki will remain open with the activities organised in the usual manner. The outdoor areas of the closed playgrounds can also be used by families.