New Mental Health Service Unit Mieppi opens in Pasila

The fourth Mieppi service unit in Helsinki launched its operations in March at Ratapihantie 11 in Pasila. Mieppi service units offer low-threshold mental health services to Helsinki residents over the age of 13.
Photo: Kaisa Sunimento

You can contact Mieppi directly without a referral to discuss concerns related to your situation in life or mental health. You can talk to a Mieppi mental health professional either in person or remotely. In addition to discussion help, Mieppi also provides counselling and service guidance.

You can book an appointment or visit a Mieppi service unit without an appointment. You can book an appointment electronically in the Maisa service or by calling Mieppi. The services are free of charge. The other Mieppi service units in Helsinki are located in Haaga, Kalasatama and Myllypuro.

A new brief therapy centre was also opened in Pasila in March. The centre offers brief therapy treatment in face-to-face meetings on the premises or as remote appointments. Starting brief therapy always requires an assessment made together with the client and a healthcare professional. In Helsinki, brief therapy is also provided by Mieppi professionals and mental health and substance abuse nurses at health stations.

Early treatment is effective

Helsinki wants to emphasise the importance of basic-level mental health services and early support and treatment. Early support for mental health problems prevents more serious disorders.

“In recent years, we have invested heavily in low-threshold and basic-level mental health services. Good examples of this are the recently launched fourth Mieppi service unit and our new brief therapy centre,” says Sami Keränen, First Line Services Manager of Psychiatry.

“Our goal is to provide a wide range of therapy and other psychosocial support and to ensure that our clients have access to low-threshold treatment as quickly as possible, even without a professional referral, as is the case in the Mieppi service units,” Keränen continues.

The low-threshold Mieppi service units and health stations are the main routes for Helsinki residents to access mental health services. Pupil welfare employees in schools and educational institutions, such as school nurses, psychologists and social workers, can also be approached in matters related to mental health