Mayor Vartiainen attending the executive committee meeting of the Eurocities network in Tallinn

The selection of Mayor Juhana Vartiainen to the executive committee of the Eurocities network was announced in the organisation’s annual general meeting in June 2023. The executive committee meeting is held in Tallinn on 16 and 17 November. Advocacy through the Eurocities network will be increased as the June 2024 elections for the European Parliament are approaching, after which new European Commissioners will also be nominated.
Seaview from Gulf of Finland.
Seaview from the Gulf of Finland. Photo: Kari Ylitalo

The Eurocities network is headed by 12 elected cities and their mayors. Helsinki’s three-year term in the executive committee will end in the summer of 2026. The network’s collaboration allows anticipating EU-related issues and promoting Helsinki’s interests on the EU level more efficiently.

The members of the Eurocities executive committee steer the organisation’s policies and are committed to the advocacy work with EU institutions and key stakeholders, both European and national. The members also represent the organisation in matters requiring contact with EU institutions and strengthen the position of the cities in this context. 

“As a member of the executive committee, we can influence the focus of the network and ensure that the interests of Helsinki and other northern cities remain on the table. Currently, the network’s key priorities are supporting Ukraine in rebuilding, safeguarding democracy in Europe, promoting sustainable financial growth, and preventing segregation. It is particularly important to contribute to this shared work now that the European elections are approaching and the new Commission will soon decide its focus areas,” says Mayor Vartiainen.

Eurocities network

Founded in 1986, Eurocities is a recognised influencer network of European cities that promotes the economic, societal and social development of its member cities through cooperation and information sharing, and jointly influences urban policy at the EU level. The network represents more than 200 cities from 38 countries, which amounts to approximately 130 million EU residents. Helsinki has been a member of Eurocities since 1994.