Kannelmäki Health Station services to undergo re-tendering: services will continue as usual

The City of Helsinki is initiating a re-tendering process for the services provided by Kannelmäki Health Station. The re-tendering does not result in immediate changes to the health station’s operations or the services available to residents.
Kannelmäen terveysaseman sisäänkäynti.
Photo: Virpi Velin

The re-tendering is initiated for contractual reasons, as Terveystalo has been unable to fulfill the requirement of recruiting five full-time specialists in general medicine for the health station, as outlined in the initial offer. However, all other terms and conditions of the contract have been met. A written decision regarding the termination will be issued on Wednesday 24 May. 

“We must re-tender the services for legal reasons, ensuring that all the companies that participated in the Kannelmäki Health Station tendering process are treated equally and according to the law,” says Timo Lukkarinen, Medical Director of Health Stations in Helsinki.    

The health station has maintained a sufficient number of experienced general practitioners and other professionals, ensuring that Kannelmäki residents have consistently received high-quality and timely health services. 

“We regret the situation. Due to the difficult recruitment situation, we did not succeed in hiring the agreed number of full-time specialists in Kannelmäki. We acknowledge and understand the City of Helsinki's obligation to act in compliance with legislation,” says Mikko Tainio, Senior Vice President of Portfolio Businesses at Terveystalo. 

Timo Lukkarinen and Mikko Tainio both affirm that the collaboration between the City of Helsinki and Terveystalo has been seamless, characterised by genuine cooperation in the development of services.

A re-tendering will take place 

The City of Helsinki will initiate a new tendering process to invite service providers. Every effort will be made to ensure a smooth transition of service production to any potential new provider.  

During this transition period, Terveystalo will continue serving as the service provider for Kannelmäki Health Station for a maximum of one year or until the new service provider commences operations.

Services for Kannelmäki residents to continue as usual 

The services at Kannelmäki Health Station will continue without any changes, ensuring the continued care provided by its familiar nurses and doctors. 

“Regardless of any changes, clients from Kannelmäki will continue to be served by Helsinki's health stations, receiving the same services available at other health stations throughout the city,” says Timo Lukkarinen.  

Any potential changes, including the introduction of a new service provider, will be promptly and clearly communicated to the clients of the health station and the local residents.