Future of the Hanasaari power plant being envisioned – get involved in the vision work

The City of Helsinki aims to preserve the Hanasaari power plant and has launched a project to determine its future. As part of the project, the City is now starting vision work for the purpose of surveying the significance and future possibilities of the power plant area. The vision work will establish the guidelines for the development of the power plant and also serve as the basis for an upcoming design competition.
The turbine hall of the Hanasaari power plant. Photo: Tuomas Uusheimo
The turbine hall of the Hanasaari power plant. Photo: Tuomas Uusheimo

The Hanasaari power plant is a landmark familiar to Helsinki residents in the eastern inner city. The plant ceased energy production operations in April 2023. Energy company Helen is currently carrying out dismantling related to the decommissioning of the power plant in the area, which will last until summer 2025.

The City of Helsinki invites city residents and stakeholders to discuss the future of the power plant

The City of Helsinki is now launching vision work with the aim of finding out what city residents and stakeholders think of the power plant. In addition to this, the aim of the vision work is to come up with ideas for what the power plant could offer to local residents and, more broadly, to all the city's residents. The power plant is a culturally, historically and architecturally notable, iconic landmark that has the potential to become an international tourist attraction.

“We invite all city residents, the area’s current operators and the City’s partners to engage in open discussion about the future of the power plant. We want to understand the special characteristics and strengths of the area and to discuss the potential role of the power plant as the centre of the developing area. In order to create a sustainable concept for the future of the power plant, it is also important for us to understand the driving forces and future challenges affecting the area,” says Päivi Hietanen, the project director of the power plant project at the City of Helsinki Urban Environment Division.

The power plant could be used for a variety of purposes

Based on technical assessments, the Hanasaari power plant building can be preserved and repurposed. The soil in the area presents a challenge, but can be remedied. The condition of the building’s foundations and other structures continue to be assessed in order to provide more information for decision-making.

The future use of the power plant has not been decided on yet. However, the power plant has undergone various suitability assessments, based on which its large and high ceiling facilities could be adapted for a variety of different purposes. Alongside the vision work, the City will continue to carry out the necessary further technical and economic assessments and soil surveys in the power plant area. In spring 2024, the City, in collaboration with the Aalto University Department of Architecture, held a construction planning studio course in which international master’s degree students explored the development of the plant for different purposes.

“The assessments and student projects carried out on the power plant have shown us how much potential it has for developing new concepts, experiential indoor facilities and new interesting urban space in the Hanasaari area. The future use of the power plant will be determined with the help of a design competition. The vision work that we are carrying out now will lay the groundwork for the design competition, which could take place in 2025,” says Hietanen.

The surrounding areas of the power plant, such as the Suvilahti area, are already being used for a variety of activities. There is also a new residential area for approximately 4,500 residents being planned for the southern tip of Hanasaari.

Respond to the survey and participate in the workshop

The views and ideas of city residents and stakeholders will be surveyed through interviews, a Kerrokantasi survey and workshops. The City’s partner in the vision work is the Nordic Works collective.

The City has launched a survey in the Kerrokantasi service(Link leads to external service), through which you can share your views on and ideas for the future of the Hanasaari power plant. The survey will remain open until 15 September, and it will be updated as the vision work progresses.

Additionally, the City will organise an open workshop for city residents to discuss the future of the Hanasaari power plant. More information about the workshop will be provided in August, and the details will also be added to the Kerrokantasi survey.