Digimieli website supports mental health

The new Digimieli website of the City of Helsinki supports clients and professionals in the treatment of depression and anxiety symptoms. Those who need help can use the website independently or together with a professional, such as a nurse or a psychologist. Some of the materials are also suitable for use by remote groups. 
Henkilö tietokoneella.
Photo: Unsplash/ Christin Hume

The Digimieli website supports existing treatment relationships. Clients’ treatment is strengthened when they can do exercises between meetings or return to topics in their everyday environment. The availability of services also improves when treatment can be obtained from home. It also improves the conditions for independent action. 

The Digimieli materials provide staff with new tools for their work. 

At the moment, the Digimieli website offers help for the physical symptoms of anxiety, emotional instability and changed life situations, as well as tools for making studying easier.  

Digimieli lowers the threshold for seeking help

Many people who need support for mental wellbeing do not necessarily seek treatment. Digital services, such as the new Digimieli service, lower the threshold for seeking support.

“Online services for mental wellbeing are easily accessible and therefore an important part of low-threshold treatment. Remote services bring aid and support to people’s everyday life. Online treatment can often be just as effective as face-to-face treatment at a professional’s office,” says Sami Keränen, first line services manager of psychiatry.

“The online service is available to those who feel that it is a suitable way for them to use services and get help,” Keränen continues.    

Another benefit of digital mental health services is that people can return to the topics and use the services anywhere and at any time. Digital services also provide useful information for family members and professionals. 

The City of Helsinki has implemented the Digimieli website as a part of the National Mental Health Strategy of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

National Mental Health Strategy (Link leads to external service)

The Digimieli website(Link leads to external service) The website is in Finnish.