Demolition of the facades of the Bunker building in Jätkäsaari to begin in the summer

The light indoor demolition work carried out in the Bunker building in Jätkäsaari is now complete for the most part. Heavy demolition work that can be seen from the outside is expected to begin in July, lasting roughly six months in the first phase. The work will generate some noise and cause occasional dusting.
The worksite is fenced off. Photo: Harri Saarinen, Sitowise
The worksite is fenced off. Photo: Harri Saarinen, Sitowise

The first phase of the demolition work includes a trial dismantling of the shuttering elements of the facade and demolition of the first-floor canopy and the roof structures. After that, the demolition work will proceed from top to bottom. 

The first phase of the demolition work will continue until early 2025. After the first-phase demolition work, a large proportion of the walls of the buildings will remain in place, waiting to be fully demolished later.

The demolition project will generate noise

Even though the aim is to minimise any nuisances generated by the demolition work, the demolition of a massive concrete building and the processing of the demolition waste are bound to generate some noise and cause potential dusting at times. The noisiest work phases will be scheduled to take place on weekdays between 7.00 and 18.00.

Dusting will be mitigated in all demolition and waste processing phases through means such as work method choices and wetting of the demolition masses. Traffic routes will also be cleaned during the work.

The demolition project affects passageways at the worksite

The worksite is fenced off with two-metre-tall plywood walls. The narrow Hietasaarenkuja is temporarily cut off for safety reasons in the section between the worksite and the Verkkokauppa building. On the Hampurinkuja side, the passageway is narrowed at the worksite.

Jätkäsaari Sports Park, located next to the worksite, will remain operational throughout the entire project.

Worksite traffic will increase

There is no use for the demolition masses in Jätkäsaari. At least in the early stages of the project, worksite transports will take place via Tyynenmerenkatu towards Hietalahdenranta. Later, materials will also be transported via Crusell Bridge.

A swimming and exercise centre planned for the plot

The planning of a new swimming and exercise centre to replace the Bunkkeri building in Jätkäsaari has begun. The project is currently in the project planning phase and the city will  inform of project in the autumn.

In accordance with the permit, roughly two thirds of the Bunker building, which features six floors and attic and basement facilities, will be demolished in this phase of the project. After this demolition phase, the building will appear only two stories shorter, as work will also be carried out inside the building. An unused office wing was removed from the Bunker building in the 2010s.

Starting the demolition work will facilitate faster construction of the swimming and exercise centre. The schedule for the completion of the demolition work will depend on the schedules set for the replacement building project and the permit process. 

The developer of the demolition project is the City of Helsinki Urban Environment Division. The main contractor of the project is Stara, with Lotus Demolition Oy serving as a subcontractor at the first phase.