City of Helsinki offering thousands of summer jobs again

The application period for the summer jobs of the City of Helsinki, Finland’s largest employer, has started The number of available summer jobs is highest in January and February, and new open positions are posted on a weekly basis. The City’s divisions and municipal enterprises will be hiring a total of approximately 3,500 summer employees.
A worker mows the lawn.
The City of Helsinki recruits summer employees for jobs such as care workers, park workers and kitchen workers. Photo: Jussi Hellsten

You can apply for summer jobs in Helsinki through the City's recruitment system at The application period is indicated separately for each job. It is a good idea to keep an active eye on the site, as new jobs will be posted almost weekly during the spring.

Many of the City’s summer jobs do not require previous work experience – studies in the relevant field and a willingness to learn are more important. City recruits summer employees for jobs such as care workers, park workers, kitchen workers, various office and customer service jobs, planner trainees, early childhood education assistants and sports facility maintenance. Particularly students and professionals in relevant fields are sought to work in the Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division and the Urban Environment Division.

Jobs for a thousand young people

Approximately one thousand of the City’s summer jobs are intended for young people.

“We want to provide as many young people as possible with their first summer job experience. People under the age of 18 often have fewer summer jobs available to them, but we want to facilitate the summer employment of this age group as well,” says Head of the Availability of Personnel and Employer Image Unit Tarja Näkki.

The City has approximately 700 summer jobs available for people under the age of 18. In addition, the Siisti kesä! (Tidy Summer!) project offers approximately 270 summer jobs for 16–20-year-olds. The application period for these jobs starts on 5 February and ends on 26 February at 16:00.

The City’s summer jobs for young people can be applied for by all young people who have completed primary and lower secondary education and not turned 18 by the start of the summer job. The City of Helsinki also offers summer jobs for young people who have support needs in terms of employment.

Young people without any previous work experience will also be considered when hiring for the Siisti kesä! (Tidy Summer!) project. The approximately 270 summer employees to be hired as part of the project will help clean parks, squares, kerbsides, sports venues and public beaches. There are also team leader positions available in the Siisti kesä! project for those interested in developing managerial skills. You can apply for a team leader position after turning 18, and the position involves supervising the work of younger summer employees. Having a driving licence and being able to drive team members to different locations is considered an advantage for team leader positions.

The City’s summer jobs are very popular

The summer jobs offered by the City of Helsinki are very popular, and a large number of applicants is expected this year, just like any other.

In previous years, the most popular summer job positions in terms of the number of applications have included those of technical trainee, library assistant, environmental worker, office secretary, food service worker and assistant youth worker. Every year, the Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division also looks for summer substitutes, especially for practical nurse, nurse and public health nurse positions. In total, the City offers summer jobs under more than 100 different job titles.

“We collect feedback from summer employees every year via the Responsible Summer Jobs survey. We have received positive feedback particularly for our work atmosphere, which our summer employees have described as being open, warm and supportive. The feedback that we receive from young people is important, as it allows us to further improve the summer work experience that we provide,” Tarja Näkki praises.