Supervision of tenant selection

The city has a statutory duty to supervise the tenant selection for ARA rental apartments. At the City of Helsinki, the responsibility rests with the Urban Environment Division's Housing Services.

We supervise tenant selection to ensure that apartments go to the persons who need them the most. At the same time, we ensure that a diverse tenant structure is maintained in rental buildings and residential areas. In practice, the supervision takes place through reports submitted by the companies and associations that own ARA rental apartments on their tenant selections to the Housing Services. The income and wealth of those selected as tenants as well as their need for housing are checked.

How to report tenant selection

Tenant selection is mainly reported afterwards. In this case, send the information on tenant selection to the Housing Services (including apartment changers) in an aggregated Excel table once a month.

The exception is companies and associations that do not already have ARA rental apartments in Helsinki. They must submit their first location's tenant selections with their applications and attachments for approval in advance, before the location is completed.

In some situations, it may be necessary to deviate from the tenant selection guidelines. In this case, contact Housing Services by e-mail