Information on right-of-occupancy housing

A right-of-occupancy dwelling is suitable for people of all ages and for different life situations. You can apply for a right-of-occupancy dwelling:

  • when you are of age;
  • when you do not have the funds to purchase an owner-occupied dwelling meeting your needs in the same area. However, your assets will not be taken into account if you are over 55 years old or when you are changing from one right-of-occupancy dwelling to another.
  • if you have a right-of-occupancy queue number.

Get acquainted with the companies or associations owning right-of-occupancy dwellings and submit an application directly on the companies’ websites. 

Right-of-occupancy companies in the Helsinki region and Porvoo

Completed/vacant dwellings

Tel. 010 228 9000 leads to external service)

HASO’s new dwellings under construction

Tel. (09) 310 32329

Asuntotuotanto's website(Link leads to external service)

Dwellings only for people aged 55 or over

Tel. 020 130 3003 leads to external service)