Quality of domestic water

The tap water in Helsinki is of good quality. The owner of a well is responsible for the quality of the well water.

In Helsinki, the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY is responsible for the supply of domestic water, with the exception of Östersundom.

In addition to HSY’s own monitoring, the quality of domestic water is monitored by the City of Helsinki’s Environmental Services. We take samples mainly from industrial kitchens from different parts of the water distribution network. Helsinki’s tap water meets the microbiological and chemical quality requirements set for good domestic water. Significant odour and taste defects have not been detected in the tap water.

The hot water temperature throughout the water system should always be at least 50–55°C, and cold water should be below 20°C.
If you notice any anomalies in water quality or temperature, run plenty of water from all taps for approximately ten minutes and observe any possible changes in water quality. If letting the water run does not improve the water quality, contact the maintenance company or the property manager.

In matters related to domestic water, you can contact Helsinki’s Environmental Services: kymp.talousvesivalvonta@hel.fi(Link opens default mail program).

Quality of well water

As an owner of a well, you are responsible for inspecting the water quality of your well. Always have the well water assessed if you suspect that it may cause health problems or if the colour, taste or smell of the water has changed significantly. In addition, water quality should be inspected regularly, at least every three years, as not all factors affecting water quality are noticeable when using water.

The quality of well water can be inspected, for example, in one of the domestic water laboratories (In Finnish)(Link leads to external service) listed on the Finnish Food Authority’s website. 

If necessary, you can turn to Helsinki’s Environmental Services for advice on taking water samples: kymp.talousvesivalvonta@hel.fi(Link opens default mail program)