Apartment inspection

The housing health team of the Environmental Services can conduct a dwelling inspection if you suspect a health hazard. Apartment inspection helps you determine, among other things, indoor air, mould and noise problems.

For example, the inspection can examine ventilation functionality and assess the condition of structures as well as take noise measurements. We cooperate with property owners, technical property managers and maintenance.

Some of the examinations and measurements are subject to a fee. Fees are charged from the person liable for the problem. If conditions that can be considered a health hazard arise in the inspection, the person causing said hazard must make necessary corrections. If no corrections are made, a correction order can be issued, which can be emphasised by a conditional fine from the Environment and Permits sub-committee.

Notice of a apartment inspection is usually sent in advance, and an inspection report is created. The report is then sent to the resident, the owner of the apartment and the housing company.

If no health hazards are detected in the apartment during the inspection, the Environmental Services will conclude the processing of the matter.

Please note that health conditions of an apartment are usually not assessed during ongoing repair or renovation work in the apartment. Please also note that the inspections are not reviews or repair plans similar to a condition assessment.

Inspection requests are placed in a queue according to the order of contacts. We will contact you when your apartment is due to be inspected.