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Advisory service on food issues

We provide information and advice on matters related to food and provide instructions on food business. In addition, you can contact us if you want to report your observations regarding food hygiene at food premises located in Helsinki, such as hygiene deficiencies at a restaurant or shop and suspected food poisoning.

We serve you by email:

We offer counselling to food industry businesses and residents in matters related to food business and food safety. Other authorities can also contact our advisory service.

You can contact us, for example, when:
- you need advice on food hygiene or food premises.
- you are planning to start a food business and need advice or an opinion on the suitability of the premises.
- submitting notifications regarding food business.
- you suspect food poisoning.
- you want to report an issue with a food product, restaurant, shop or some other food premises.
- If you suspect fraud or abuse in food operations.