Walking to Uunisaari – pontoon bridge for pedestrians to be installed again on November

The pontoon footbridge leading to Uunisaari from Kaivopuisto will be installed on Tuesday, 15 November. The pontoon bridge will be open until Friday, 14 April 2023 if the weather permits.
Kuva Uunisaaren kävelysillasta vasemmalta katsottuna.
The pontoon bridge offers pedestrians a convenient route to Uunisaari throughout the winter.

Pedestrians will soon again have a direct route to the Uunisaari island in front of the Kaivopuisto park, when the traditional pontoon bridge is installed from Merisatamanranta to Pohjoinen Uunisaari. The footbridge allows the recreational use of Uunisaari in the winter season, while cutting off the boat channel between the island and the shore.

Located in front of the Kaivopuisto park, Uunisaari is approximately three hectares in size and consists of the southern island and northern island, connected by a bridge. There is also a footbridge from Uunisaari to the adjacent Liuskasaari island, which expands the year-round use of the popular recreational areas of Kaivopuisto, Eiranranta and Merisatama.

Currently, the island has Restaurant Uunisaari(Link leads to external service), a restaurant for private functions where café services will also be opened on weekends after the opening of the footbridge.