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Uunisaari, foto: City of Helsinki


In Southern Helsinki, south from Kaivopuisto

Public transport

In summer there are boat services to Uunisaari from Merisatamantori and in winter visitors can cross a pontoon bridge to the island.

There is a bridge from Uunisaari to Liuskasaari.

The boat traffic to Uunisaari started in April when the pedestrian pontoon bridge that closed the Uunisaarensalmi sound was removed. The boat service to the island operates from Kompassitori by the Merisatama shore from 13 April to 15 November.


Uunisaari consists of two parts that are separated by a narrow strait. An oil boilery and paint factory once operated on the island, and coffins were also made here. In the late 19th century, Uunisaari was the site of a famous spa. In 1934, the Helsinki Swimming Club opened a beach on Uunisaari, and during the first two months it attracted 125,000 visitors. Thanks to its long beach and high-standard services, Uunisaari is still a popular recreation area and picnic spot. The island covers about 3 hectares.

Uunisaari is open to the public. The Sports Department's Maritime Unit is responsible for managing the island. The spa produces restaurant and sauna services in an area rented from the city.

NOTE! No dogs are allowed at Uunisaari during bird nesting season or in the beach area.


- Saunas
- Cafe
- Restaurant
- Beach

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Water Transport

Several traffic contractors offer ferry rides as a possibility to visit the islands of Helsinki.

Restaurant Uunisaari

Restaurant, sauna, breakfast and lunch.