Töölö residents are invited to the Mayor's residents' evening on 25 April

The Mayor's residents' evening will be held at Töölö Service Centre on 25 April 2024 from 18.30 to 20.00. The discussion hosted by Mayor Juhana Vartiainen can also be viewed live in the Helsinki-kanava channel.
Töölö is a lively district. Photo: Paavo Jantunen
Töölö is a lively district. Photo: Paavo Jantunen

The residents of Töölö are invited to Töölö Service Centre to discuss topical Töölö matters. You can also participate in the event online through the Helsinki-kanava channel and send questions to the event via the message wall.

“We will organize the Mayor's resident evening in Töölö, which offers an excellent environment for both culture and sport. Töölö is a good place for living and entrepreneurship. I am interested in hearing what topical thoughts Töölö residents have about their district, says Mayor Juhana Vartiainen.

Before the start of the discussion section, a pop-up market will open at 17.30 in Töölö Service Centre. At the market, you will have the opportunity to discuss Töölö matters with the city's experts and other actors in the area until 18.30.

You can use the KerroKantasi survey(Link leads to external service) to send your thoughts and ideas about the development of the Töölö area to the event’s organisers. The survey will close on 18 April.

Watch video(Link leads to external service): Tervetuloa Töölöön! (In Finnish)
Watch video(Link leads to external service): Nuorten ajatuksia Töölöstä ennen asukasiltaa (In Finnish)

Long tradition of Mayor’s Resident Evenings

City Manager Teuvo Aura proposed in the mid-1970s that the City hold ‘Helsinki Hours’ events during which experts would answer questions from residents and journalists.

The Resident Evenings remain discussion events where residents can ask the Mayor and the City experts about the City’s operations directly.

The City of Helsinki moved from having a City Manager to having a Mayor in June 2017, at which point it was decided that the events would be renamed to Mayor’s Resident Evenings. The Resident Evenings were also established as two-part events, with a pop-up market to start off the evening and a discussion session to follow.

The Mayor’s Resident Evenings are held 3–4 times a year for the residents of a specific district or area.  The topics discussed are brought up by the residents. 

Partners in the event organisation include local residents’ associations and other non-profit operators.