The vaccination weeks are over – 83,000 people in risk groups vaccinated

Approximately 83,300 people in risk groups have received the influenza and COVID-19 vaccinations at the vaccination points. In addition to this, thousands were vaccinated in the care services and at maternity and child health clinics.
Vaaleanpunainen ja sininen kuvituskuva viruksista.

‘Vaccinations at vaccination points have now ended. It is great to see that so many came to be vaccinated. We wish to thank the people in Helsinki for getting vaccinated during the vaccination weeks. We also wish to thank the people carrying out the vaccinations for their work,’ says Medical Director of Health Stations Timo Lukkarinen.

Vaccination points busy during the first days

Many people came to the vaccination point during the first few vaccination days. Approximately 23,000 people in risk groups were vaccinated within three days. The number of people was a surprise.

‘We saw some congestion particularly on the first vaccination days, but the pace luckily settled as the vaccinations went on. Due to this, there were excessive ques at times, which we apologize for. The pace was much calmer during the second week, and especially during the last vaccination days, because so many had come to get vaccinated earlier,’ Timo says.

Vaccination appointment at your health station

Those in risk groups can book a vaccination appointment for their own health station via Maisa or the telephone booking service +358 9 3104 6300 (Mon–Fri 12:00–16:00). Those in risk groups will be vaccinated at health stations from 20 November to 1 December, and only by appointment.

Vaccinations of maternity and child health clinic clients continue

Those who are pregnant and children under the age of 7 can get vaccinated at maternity and child health clinics by appointment during the period of 13–24 November. You can book an appointment through the Maisa service. The vaccines can also be administered in connection with other clinic visits. School and student health care also vaccinates those who belong to the receivers of national vaccinations.