Tell us what Helsinki’s Audit Committee should assess

Helsinki’s Audit Committee asks city residents to submit proposals for assessment objects. The proposals may be related to any of the 13 focus areas in the City Strategy. The Voice your opinion survey will be open until Sunday, 22 January.
Senior citizen and home care services staff.
Photo: Maija Astikainen

The results of the assessments will be reported to the council. The assessment objects are typically related to the implementation of the objectives in the City Strategy.

“We have received a lot of proposals for assessment objects from the residents in recent years. For example, the ongoing assessment of the impact of the town plans for new residential areas on green areas was a topic that many residents wanted to be assessed,” says Assessment Manager Minna Tiili. “Many topics are considered important by the members of the Audit Committee, councillors and residents alike. That said, there are also objects that emerge solely from the residents,” Tiili continues.

You can also submit a proposal by filling in the assessment object proposal form on the website.  

The proposals may be related to any of the 13 focus areas in the City Strategy. 

Programmes and focus areas in Helsinki City Strategy:

  • The most equitable and effective place to learn
  • Ambitious climate objectives and nature conservation
  • Art and culture as enablers of a good life
  • An international city of equality
  • Cultivating safe neighbourhoods with distinctive identities
  • A smoothly functioning and beautiful city
  • Intelligent traffic solutions underpin smooth transport
  • Improving the health and well-being of Helsinki residents
  • Responsible finances as the basis for sustainable growth
  • Helsinki is an attractive employer
  • Data and digitalisation help run a smart city
  • International workers and businesses find Helsinki appealing
  • Promoting Helsinki’s interests nationally and engaging in international cooperation

The audit committee reports directly to the City Council. The committee assesses annually the extent to which the operating and financial targets set by the City Council for the City and the City Group have been achieved. The committee also assess whether the City’s operations are arranged in a cost-effective and appropriate manner. The reports are published on the website.