New Edlevo e-service being adopted for early childhood education in Helsinki

In the future, payment and other decisions concerning early childhood education in Helsinki can be accessed via the new Edlevo e-service. Municipal residents will be able to access the service starting from 8 April. 

The City of Helsinki is currently in the process of decommissioning the current service because it is technically outdated. 

The new Edlevo e-service can be accessed at or via the Edlevo mobile app, which can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. 

Guardians must update their own contact information, meaning their phone number and email address, in the Edlevo e-service so that all payment and other decisions, such as decisions on special and intensified support and club decisions, are uploaded to the service. The service will also provide access to any previous decisions issued since 2013. 

Asti online service to remain in use

Applications for early childhood education and pre-primary education will continue to be submitted in the Asti online service ( Early childhood education decisions and pre-primary education decisions will also continue to be issued to guardians via the Asti online service.

If a guardian applies for an early childhood education and pre-primary education place with a paper application, the decisions on the early childhood education place and pre-primary education place will be delivered to the guardian via the Edlevo e-service.