Introducing the newly published Senior Services Guide: now available in English for the first time

The Senior Services Guide for 2023–2024 is now available. The guide features comprehensive information on senior services offered by the city, organisations, associations, and private service providers.
Senior Services Guide on a table
Photo: Kaisa Sunimento

You can access the guide in Finnish, Swedish and English on the City of Helsinki’s website. To receive a printed copy by mail, please contact Senior Info at tel. +358 9 310 44556 on weekdays from 9.0015.00. Alternatively, you can pick up a copy at Senior Info’s customer service point, located at Siltasaarenkatu 2. Helsinki residents turning 75 or 85 this year will automatically receive the guide by mail.

The wishes of clients and local residents have been heard

This year, the service guide has been released in English for the first time, alongside Swedish and Finnish. The demand for additional languages has been voiced by local residents and Senior Info’s clientele. The latest guide incorporates feedback gathered from the client survey conducted in autumn 2022.

“Providing multilingual information on our website in Finnish, Swedish and English is essential, but we recognise the value of printed materials as well. We are eagerly awaiting the response to the newly introduced English version of the guide,” says Kaisa Sunimento, English-language Communications Specialist for the Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division. 

Years of development culminate in the current guide

Over the years, the service guide has transformed significantly from a simple client bulletin to a comprehensive publication. Since it was first published in 2009, it has become one of the division’s most popular publications. Originally regional with a limited print run, the guide underwent a significant change in 2018 when it transitioned into a single, city-wide resource, encompassing a wealth of information.

Tarja Melin, Senior Info's service adviser, has been instrumental in the development of the printed Senior Services Guide from its initial stages. According to Melin, the guide holds even greater significance today compared to its early days.

“Although a significant amount of information is accessible online, it is crucial to ensure that services and information are available to individuals who do not use the internet or digital platforms for one reason or another. Alongside Senior Info’s other guidance, the service guide serves as a vital resource, acting as a gateway to essential information for those not utilising digital services. It provides comprehensive details on health and social services, as well as services offered by associations, organisations, and private operators for the elderly”, she says.

To access the online versions of the Senior Services Guide, please visit the senior services’ website. The guide is published biennially, with the next edition scheduled for release in 2025.

Senior Info serves as a non-urgent advisory service, offering information on services for the elderly provided by the city, organisations, and private operators. Operating hours are weekdays from 9.0015.00. For inquiries, please contact Senior Info at tel. +358 9 310 44556. You are also welcome to visit Senior Info’s service advisers at the Hakaniemi location, situated at Siltasaarenkatu 2.