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Guided waterfront trail network expanding to Seurasaarenselkä

The network of guided waterfront trails in Helsinki is expanding. For the benefit of cyclists and pedestrians, new signs have been added to the route around Seurasaarenselkä this winter, and the work will be completed in the spring. Over 14 kilometres long, the guided route passes through Kuusisaari, Lehtisaari, Kaskisaari and Lauttasaari and connects to the inner city waterfront trail on the mainland.
Seurasaarenselän rantareitin opaskartta meren rannassa
Photo: Anton Hallbäck, Stara

As the name suggests, Helsinki’s waterfront trail network runs as close to the shore as possible. The Seurasaarenselkä trail, where signs are being added this winter and spring, complements the existing guided trails – the inner city trail and the eastern waterfront trail.

The Seurasaarenselkä waterfront trail starts from Ruoholahti and runs through the islands of Lauttasaari, Kaskisaari, Lehtisaari and Kuusisaari to Munkkiniemi. From there, the journey continues along the shores of Töölö to Hietaniemi and back to Ruoholahti. Naturally, the route can be taken in either direction.

Along the way, you will find a diverse selection of natural and cultural sites and services, such as beaches, museums, sights and Seurasaari island itself.

“The waterfront trails encourage city residents to exercise and enjoy themselves close to marine nature. The signage on the trails themselves and in the adjacent green areas supports the availability of nature and recreational services in Helsinki,” says Pia Rantanen, Planning Manager at the Urban Environment Division.

Focus on walking and cycling signs

The signage on the waterfront trails will be implemented as part of the existing walking and cycling routes. Each route is marked with its own colour on the maps and signs. The Seurasaarenselkä route is coloured light blue.

The waterfront trails feature map boards and signs that make the route easier to follow. The signs are almost ready, but more sign stickers will be added along the route in spring 2023, weather permitting.

Please note that the walking and cycling routes differ in some parts, since parts of the route are not accessible by bicycle. Parts of the route are also neither wheelchair accessible nor lit.

Guided waterfront trails to cover the whole of Helsinki in the future

“The waterfront trails are open to all and easily accessible by public transport. In the future, the network of guided trails will cover the whole of Helsinki, and adding signs to the Seurasaarenselkä route is a significant step towards this goal,” Rantanen says.

The signage on the waterfront trail network will next be extended to Lauttasaari. After this, signage is also planned for the Vanhankaupunginlahti and Laajasalo routes.