Finland ranked happiest country again: New survey indicates Helsinki inhabitants agree, as close to nine out of ten are satisfied

The 2024 World Happiness Report, published on 20 March, once again listed Finland as the World’s Happiest Country, meaning that Finland has received the top honour for the seventh consecutive year. Residents of the capital city of Helsinki seem to agree, as recent survey results resoundingly corroborate the life evaluations in the World Happiness Report findings.
An adult and a child are reading a book.
Libraries are popular places among locals in Helsinki. Photo: Suvi-Tuuli Kankaanpää

Cities and municipalities are responsible for arranging many of the public services that people use on a daily basis in Finland, as is the case throughout the Nordic countries. Examples of these kinds of services include daycare centres, schools, services and activities that promote people’s wellbeing and health, and sports services that improve the general welfare through all of life’s stages.

“Capital residents trust the City of Helsinki to arrange functional services and provide easy access to rejuvenating experiences, whether it be in nature settings or the cultural arena, for instance. The new Architecture and Design Museum that is being planned for the capital has attracted considerable international attention and is a concrete example of how we continue to invest in the future of our city and the wellbeing of our residents,” said Helsinki Mayor Juhana Vartiainen.

Sea, culture, safety and public transport make Helsinki residents happy

According to a recent survey carried out by the Finnish pollster Taloustutkimus, Helsinki residents are very satisfied with their lives. Some 1,000 inhabitants over the age of 15 responded to the survey, which was carried out in February 2024. Close to nine out of ten of the respondents (88 per cent) reported that they currently felt satisfied with their lives in Helsinki.

The answers revealed that the key factors in Helsinki residents’ appraisal of their quality of life included the city’s adjacent sea, supply of art and culture, safe living environment and abundant supply of green areas, parks and neighbouring forests. Helsinki’s smoothly functioning public transport system, which guarantees smooth access to every corner of the city, was the factor that garnered the most mentions.

The survey indicates that Helsinki residents find happiness in small everyday things, such as eating ice cream while strolling along the city's 131-kilometre coastline, enjoying a relaxing sauna at home or in one of the city's many welcoming public saunas, and visiting museums or flea markets with friends.

World Happiness Report 2024

Established by the United Nations, the World Happiness Report is an international comparative research study carried out by the pollster Gallup and Oxford Wellbeing Research Centre that is published annually by the non-profit organization Sustainable Development Solutions Network. 

Taloustutkimus survey 

On 9–12 February 2024, Taloustutkimus Oy carried out an online survey assessing Helsinki residents’ satisfaction with their lives and factors that make them happy. The pollster invited 4,826 inhabitants to participate, and 1,044 responded for a 20 per cent response rate. Taloustutkimus carried out the survey on behalf of the city-owned marketing, investment and talent attraction firm Helsinki Partners and the SEK advertising agency.