Emergency social services

We secure urgent and necessary assistance in acute situations.

Emergency social services is an on-call social welfare authority outside office hours. We serve everyone living in Helsinki as well as those staying in the city. We assess the need for urgent social welfare and, if necessary, arrange the necessary services related to it.

Among others, the tasks of the emergency social services can be related to

- Concern about the circumstances of a child or young person
- Acute concern about the well-being of an elderly or disabled person at home
- Other unexpected situation requiring immediate assessment by the social welfare authority

Please note that we do not process

- Money, bank transfers or invoice payment
- Child custody or visitation matters
- Situations that can wait until the next business day to resolve

In urgent situations that threaten life or health, always call 112!

Emergency social services

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Helsinki emergency social services

On weekdays, you should primarily contact services available during office hours.

Open every day around the clock
Call charge: standard telephone charges apply