Stadin Juhlaorkesteri

Stadin Juhlaorkesteri, a group of professional musicians, renews its lineup annually. For over two decades, the orchestra has brought joy and entertainment to the city's residents. Their performances span a variety of venues and events, including neighborhood festivals, urban cultural events, service homes, hospitals, and playgrounds.


Residents of Helsinki can book the orchestra for performances at open and free events. Each performance lasts approximately 45 minutes or can be split into two 30-minute segments. The Culture and Leisure Division of Helsinki covers the performance fees for the orchestra. Event organizers are responsible for other production costs, such as sound reinforcement, electricity, performance space, and transportation costs (up to €300). The orchestra operates under the auspices of the Cultural Center Caisa. The performance season runs from June 1 to November 30 each year, with booking inquiries accepted from May 1 at opens default mail program)

For the latest information on upcoming performances and news from the orchestra, follow the Helsinki Celebration Orchestra's official pages on Facebook(Link leads to external service) and Instagram.(Link leads to external service)

Stadin Juhlaorkesteri 2023

Vuoden 2023 Stadin juhlaorkesteri Photo: Camilla Hanhirova
Vuoden 2023 Stadin juhlaorkesteri Photo: Camilla Hanhirova

Orchestra Members (from left to right):

Kim Rantala – Accordion/Keyboard Instruments

Valo Lankinen – Violin/Drums

Topi Karvonen – Bass/Double Bass

Esteban Ferro – Drums/Percussion/Vocals

Juki Välipakka – Vocals/Guitar

Juhani Tuulivaara - Guitar

Aki Hauru – Conductor (in the middle)

The orchestra's focus this year is on traditional, acoustic sound. Their repertoire is rooted in old swing, Latin rhythms, and nostalgically stylish rhythm music. The performances range in mood from melancholic Finnish romance to more upbeat music.