Prices of two-zone tickets set to fall at the beginning of next year

The prices of HSL’s two-zone tickets will fall at the beginning of next year. The Executive Board of HSL approved HSL’s proposal for ticket prices for 2024 on Tuesday 31 October 2023.
Minibussi, linja-auto ja raitiovaunu risteyksessä kesällä.
Photo: Jussi Hellsten.

The prices of AB, BC and CD tickets will fall by about five percent for single tickets and six percent for season tickets at the beginning of next year. From 1 January 2024, adult single tickets will cost EUR 2.95 and 30-day season tickets will cost EUR 66.60 as one-off purchase and EUR 55.50 as an auto-renewing saver subscription. None of HSL’s ticket prices will rise.

In addition, 10-journey and 20-journey tickets will become part of HSL’s regular selection of tickets. From 1 January 2024, 10-journey tickets for two zones will cost EUR 26.55 (EUR 2.66/journey) and 20-journey tickets for two zones will cost EUR 50.15 (2.51/journey).

“This is a business decision based on HSL’s strategy. Our goal by 2025 is a record high number of passengers, but we also aim to balance our economy and ensure that fare revenue accounts for about 50 percent of our total revenues. Increasing customer flows support the achievement of all of these strategic goals," says Mika Nykänen, Executive Director of HSL.

With the new ticket prices and including multi-journey tickets in the regular selection of tickets, we aim to provide customers with options that better meet their needs.

The price cuts for 2024 are particularly significant considering there is also upward pressure on fares.