Helsinki to distribute iodine tablets at maternity and child health clinics for children under 3 and expectant clients

The City of Helsinki is set to initiate the distribution of iodine tablets to children under the age of 3 and expectant clients. The distribution aligns with guidelines from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, which specify that wellbeing services counties are responsible for providing iodine tablets to expectant individuals and children under 3 years of age.
Äiti ja vauva neuvolassa.
Photo: Kaisa Sunimento

Expectant clients and children under the age of 3 residing in Helsinki will be provided with iodine tablets during their periodic health check-up at the maternity and child health clinic, starting from 28 August. We kindly ask our clients to await their scheduled health check-up at the maternity and child health clinic, during which the tablets will be dispensed.

Clients also have the option to collect the tablets from the Kallio or Itäkatu Family Centre, in accordance with the distribution schedule available on the maternity and child health clinics' website.

Iodine tablets should not be consumed unnecessarily

Iodine tablets are intended for use exclusively in the event of a radiation hazard, following official instructions.

When kept at home, iodine tablets should be stored as a precaution and should not be consumed without an official directive. Comprehensive instructions for potential usage will be provided along with the tablets at the maternity and child health clinic.

Iodine tablets for children over the age of 3 and adults up to 40 years old can be procured from pharmacies.