Feast Helsinki to shine a light on local food scene in May and June

This summer, the City of Helsinki is joining operators in the local restaurant, tourism and event sectors to arrange a celebration of the capital’s unique culinary culture. Scheduled for 24 May to 16 June 2024, the Feast Helsinki food festival will showcase the city’s eclectic range of delicious food and beverages. A programme of close to 100 events has been put together offering taste experiences for lovers of fine dining and burgers as well as traditional and ethnic dishes.
A City of Helsinki image-edited visualisation of the stickers.
Feast Helsinki stickers denote activities associated with the food-themed celebration. Photo: City of Helsinki / image-edited visualisation

On 24 May–16 June, Helsinki’s residents and visitors will have an excellent opportunity to taste the unique and surprising flavours of Finland’s capital at the Feast Helsinki food festival.

Restaurants and cafes participating in Feast Helsinki will offer special dishes and themed menus during the three-week celebration. It will also be possible to dive deeper into Helsinki's local food and drink culture by attending guided tours, workshops and exhibitions. In addition, several food-themed events will focus on the city’s more diverse flavours by highlighting food from different cultures.

“Feast Helsinki will bring out the full spectrum of flavours that Finland’s capital has to offer. Our city is a convenient oasis of great taste experiences that span not only the classics, but also local specialities that utilise the fruits of nature’s bounty and exotic flavours from all over the world. It is always easy to stop for a bite, as there are plenty of good options available. I’m thrilled we are able to offer Helsinki’s residents and visitors such a wonderful opportunity to get to know their local restaurant offerings better and appreciate our great food and drink culture,” said the City of Helsinki’s Tourism Director Nina Vesterinen.

Food is one of the top strategic themes of the city’s events and tourism this year, meaning that food-related events will continue in the metropolis through the year.

“For many people, Helsinki is still an unknown culinary destination. Feast Helsinki will strengthen our city’s appeal as a must-see location for food tourism and highlight our Helsinki-based industry professionals and their wonderful work. The MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries Ceremony that will also be organized at the end of May will bring Helsinki international visibility as a gastronomical nexus and food tourism destination, something the city's high-quality restaurant offerings richly deserves,” said Vesterinen.

Al fresco dining and a Michelin ceremony grandstand at Senate Square

The open-air food court known as the Summer Terrace will be making a return appearance to Helsinki’s Senate Square during the Feast Helsinki food festival, and Tori Quarters restaurants will offer summer delicacies there throughout the celebration.

On 27 May, a viewing grandstand for the MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries Ceremony will be erected adjacent to the Summer Terrace. This will make it possible for members of the public to follow a live broadcast of the ceremony from Helsinki’s Savoy Theatre while enjoying local food and drink al fresco.

To learn more about Feast Helsinki and its associated events and activities, go to tapahtumat.hel.fi/en and enter the keyword “food”. You can also read more information on the City of Helsinki website at hel.fi/feasthelsinki.