EU COVID-19 certificate printing point to be closed in Kalasatama

The printing point in the Kalasatama Health and Well-being Centre is open for the last day on 30 June 2023, 8.00–14.00. In the future, you will still be able to download the EU COVID-19 certificate yourself in the MyKanta service at
Koronarokotus otettu.

The EU COVID-19 certificate no longer needs to be presented, for example, in public spaces in Finland. 

Some countries may still restrict incoming passenger traffic. Airline requirements can also vary and should be checked in advance. Be sure to check any restrictions and regulations of your destination country in advance. 

Download the EU COVID-19 certificate by logging in to MyKanta with your online banking credentials

Log in to MyKanta at leads to external service). There is a delay in the transfer of data to MyKanta after, for example, receiving a coronavirus vaccine. It can take a few days.

An adult person can be authorised to use MyKanta on behalf of another person if they are unable to use the service themselves.

A guardian of a child under 10 years of age can see and download the EU COVID-19 certificate from MyKanta. Persons aged 10 years and older can download the certificate from the service themselves. Currently, the guardian of a child/young person over the age of 10 cannot see or download the certificate from MyKanta.

If there are errors in the EU COVID-19 certificate found in MyKanta, you can contact the health stations. The contact information for the health stations can be found at