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Rental apartment search, customer service

We provide guidance to applicants for rental housing owned by the City of Helsinki.

We can advise you on matters related to apartment search for city-owned rental homes. You will receive guidance on applying for Heka rental housing, non-subsidised rental housing, short-term rental housing and City of Helsinki's company housing.

Our advice focuses on instructions for filling in housing applications.



Työpajankatu 8 00580 Helsinki

The route to the main entrance

  • The pick-up and drop-off area is located in the vicinity of the entrance.
  • The route to the entrance is guided, smooth and sufficiently wide and illuminated.

The main entrance

  • The entrance is hard to perceive but illuminated
  • In connection with the entrance, there are at least 4 steps with handrails on one side.
  • The doors connected to the entrance stand out clearly. The door is heavy or otherwise hard to open.

In the facility

  • The customer service point is on the same floor as the entrance.
  • The customer service point has directions to the different facilities.
  • The doors in the customer service point stand out clearly. The glass doors have contrast markings.
  • The waiting room of the customer service point has a queue number system and seats.
  • The customer service point has an accessible toilet on floor 1.