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New apartments are being completed in Itäkeskus - apply now

New Heka apartments located in Kauppakartanonkatu 16 will be completed in February 2023.
Kauppakartanonkatu 16 Photo: Heka
Kauppakartanonkatu 16 Photo: Heka

Application period for these apartments starts at 2.11.2022. There are 144 apartments to apply for. Resident selection for new applicants starts 30.11.2022.

More information available from Heka's website .

How to apply for apartments:


Read the instructions how to apply for an Ara apartment

Fill out an Ara rental apartment application


Specify the details of the apartment to be searched in the first page of the application. In Jokipoikasenkaari 3 the details are: 

  • Area Itä-Helsinki
  • Residential area Itäkeskus
  • Type of building: Apartment
  • Apartment type (1 - 4 rooms)
  • Maximum rent € / month (524 - 1234 €)

Then click ‘Search for free apartments’ and the application shows matching apartments according to the details you have specified.

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