Notification of noise

If your temporary actions cause a particularly disruptive noise or vibration, you must submit a noise notification of these actions to the City's Environmental Services.

The notification should be submitted as early on as possible, but at the latest 30 days before starting the operations.

Submit a notification of noise

Submit a notification of noise via the Lupapiste service. If the notification of noise includes confidential documents, please deliver your notification to the Registrar's Office as a Word form.

Processing time

Processing notifications usually takes at least 2-4 weeks.

A fee in accordance with the valid price list will be charged for the decision.

Use the online service

Submit a notification of noise via the Lupapiste service

Requires authentication.

No noise at night

In general, making noise near residential buildings, accommodations and care and nursing facilities at night between 22.00 and 7.00 is prohibited.

Read more detailed instructions in the environmental protection regulations.

Inform the neighbours and agree on noise control

Inform those affected by the noise or vibration in advance of any operations causing particularly disruptive noise or vibration.It is especially important to notify residents of any necessary night-time work. Those affected should be informed of noise even if the activities do not require a notification of noise.

Agree on noise abatement measures together with daycare centres, schools, care institutions and other particularly vulnerable parties. When planning the work, remember to take into account that you may need to stop noisy work for the duration of children’s nap times or when the children are outside, for example.

Read more detailed instructions on informing others in the environmental protection regulations.

Which activities are subject to a notification of noise?

The City of Helsinki’s environmental protection regulations list the activities that unconditionally require a notification of noise. If necessary, you can contact the Environmental Services for advice at opens default mail program).

Refer to the environmental protection regulations to see which activities are subject to a notification of noise.


End times for outdoor concerts

We have decided on guidelines for ending concerts at the most popular concert sites. The guidelines apply to the number and end times of outdoor concerts ending after 22.00. Notifications of noise for concerts in other locations than those determined in the guidelines are processed case by case.

A notification of noise must be submitted for all outdoor events with a sound system ending after 22.00 (Environmental Protection Act, section 118; City of Helsinki’s environmental protection regulations, section 21).

In accordance with the delegation decision of the Urban Environment Committee’s Environment and Permits Sub-committee, the head of the Environmental Monitoring and Supervision Unit will make the decisions concerning the notifications, in adherence to these guidelines.

Event days ending
 at 22–01 
Event days ending
 at 22–24 
Kansalaistori and
0 10
Suvilahti  2 10
Olympic Stadium* 0 16


0 7
Former Malmi Airport 2


* For the Olympic Stadium, the policy mainly applies to concerts. Due to the different nature of sporting events (e.g. football matches), it can be assumed that disruptive noise levels will remain below those of music events. These guidelines are valid annually for an indefinite period. If necessary, additional permits for events can be obtained through an application process.

  • Outdoor events ending after 22.00 can also be held in other venues and times than those shown in the table. Venues outside these guidelines will be considered at a case-by-case basis, and holding events ending after 22.00 is possible if there is no well-founded reason to prohibit them. 
  • An event may usually have three event days ending after 22.00 within a period of seven days. The third event day must end by 23.00, at the latest. 
    • In some individual cases, exceptions are possible based on a case-by-case consideration, which takes into account the nature and total duration of the event, the number of other night-time events approved for the area and the event’s noise level. 
  • Later end dates can be considered on a case-by-case basis during New Year’s Eve, May Day Eve, Midsummer’s Eve and Night of the Arts, for example. 

A noise review and noise measurements must, in most cases, be made for all events ending after 22.00 (by a FINAS accredited or Finnish Environment Institute certified environmental noise supervisor). 

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