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The most impactful work in the city can be found nearby – at the City of Helsinki. The City of Helsinki provides internship and on-the-job learning positions for students in various fields.

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Työntekijöitä katselemassa tietoja tietokoneen näytön ruudulta.
Photo: Jussi Hellsten

Every summer, the city employs approximately 3,500 summer employees. The application period for the city’s summer jobs and substitute posts begins in mid-January. The number of summer jobs available is highest at the turn of January and February, and organisations open new vacancies on a weekly basis.

The application period for the summer season 2024 has ended. Thank you to all applicants and congratulations to the selected ones!

Summer workers are recruited, for example, for the care sector, as park workers, for various office duties, as planner trainees, as construction helpers and for sports facility maintenance. The city is looking for students and professionals especially for the Social Services and Health Care Division to substitute for the staff during their annual leave. 

We are involved in the Responsible Summer Job campaign and have been an employer partner in the campaign since 2013.

Summer jobs for young people aged 16–17 

The City of Helsinki wants to offer as many young people as possible their first summer job experiences. Summer jobs for young people can be applied to by all those who have completed comprehensive school and turn 16 or 17 during the calendar year. Summer jobs for young people aged 16–17 and jobs in the Siisti kesä! (Tidy summer!) project are open for applications yearly in February. We want to offer summer jobs to as many people as possible. We strive for accessibility and diversity in our recruitment and would like to receive applications from all young people who are interested in working for the city. The work can be tailored to each young person’s competence and physical ability to function.  

The best thing about my summer job is the children’s sincerity and ability to get carried away. Children are creative and open-minded in a way that adults often forget in everyday life.

Lila, early childhood education assistant, Playground Mäkitorppa

Siisti kesä! (Tidy summer!) project’s positions for 16–20-year olds

Helsinki City Construction Services (Stara) and the Culture and Leisure Division’s Sports Services also hire young people who do not yet have work experience. The project’s approximately 270 summer employees will keep parks, squares, kerbsides, sports and swimming areas tidy. You can also increase your managerial skills and get a summer job as a team leader. You can apply to be a team leader when you have turned 18. You can then guide younger summer employees in their work. Having a driver’s license and being able to transport your team to various locations will be considered an asset. The application period for the Siisti kesä! (Tidy summer!) project is at the same time as for summer jobs for young people at the beginning of February annually.

The Summer Job Voucher assists proactive applicants

With the help of the Summer Job Voucher, young Helsinki residents have received summer jobs and companies have gained a workforce, competence and new perspectives since 2015! The vouchers provided by the City of Helsinki help young people find employment for the summer season independently. 

All 9th grade, Valma grade and 10th grade pupils who reside in Helsinki and attend local school are eligible for the voucher. 

Read more about the Summer Job Voucher and get your own(Link leads to external service)

We cooperate with many educational institutions and universities and offer on-the-job learning positions for students.  When you are looking for a practical training position yourself, you can contact the supervisor of the organisation or unit in which you are interested. You can find the units and locations in the city’s search service or contact the divisions and municipal enterprises directly to enquire about training opportunities.  

View practical training vacancies

Practical training in the Social Services and Health Care Division

Find out more about the Social Services and Health Care Division’s training opportunities and use the contact information listed by profession for enquiries.

The Social Services and Health Care Division’s practical training positions are opened in Jobiili(Link leads to external service).

For university interns

The city has a 3–6-month university internship period targeted at master’s degree students. The salary for a university intern is €1,709 per month. A university internship usually lasts three months. If the studies include a compulsory internship (e.g. psychology students), the internship can be arranged for five or six months.

View open university internships

Helsinki Trainee programme

The purpose of our Helsinki trainee programme is to help you become an expert in your field while doing interesting work. The application period for the City of Helsinki’s trainee programme is twice a year, in October and in the turn of April and May. You can apply for our trainee programme if you are studying for a master’s degree (e.g. at a university or university of applied sciences) and have reached the final stage of your studies or completed your degree no more than a year ago.


Read more about Helsinki Trainee programme

Introduction to working life – TET training at the City

Introduction to working life, or TET, is part of every comprehensive school pupil’s life. During TET, you get to see what is done in different professions and experience working life for yourself. We hope that the tasks inspire you to aim for a profession in the City organisation so that you apply to work for us later on.

View open TET positions(Link leads to external service)

Työntekijöitä katselemassa tietoja tietokoneen näytön ruudulta.
Kaksi eteläisen kotihoidon työntekijää työskentelee tietokoneen ääressä. Photo: Jussi Hellsten

Apprenticeship training gives you a chance to acquire a vocational qualification and degree by working at the City of Helsinki.  You can complement your on-the-job learning with theoretical studies at Helsinki Vocational College, for example. As an apprenticeship student, you will have a fixed-term employment relationship and will receive a salary according to the collective agreement, gain work experience and receive guidance from us for completing a vocational degree.

You can apply for apprenticeship training through TE Services, so an apprenticeship position may suit you if you are interested in becoming employed by the city, are at least 20 years old, live in Helsinki and do not have a permanent job or study place. The apprenticeship lasts about two years. Apprenticeship training for practical nurses begins as recruitment training, after which you will start your apprenticeship at the Social Services and Health Care Division, in early childhood education or as a food service worker at Helsinki Service Centre.

Apprenticeship positions in the city are usually open in the spring and autumn. When the application period for apprenticeship training is open, you can find the available options through the link below.

In Helsinki Service Center, you can directly train as a service worker through an apprenticeship for tasks in food and cleanliness services. For more information, visit leads to external service).

In the social, health, and emergency services sector, you can study apprenticeship training to become a practical nurse or a care assistant. For more information, contact opens default mail program) via email.

In the field of education and training, apprenticeship training provides qualifications for early childhood education as a childcare worker. For more information, contact opens default mail program) via email.

View open apprenticeship and recruitment training options

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Photo: Jussi Hellsten