Why work for the City?

With the City of Helsinki, you will enjoy the benefits of a large employer and can influence what good living in Helsinki looks like.

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The City of Helsinki is the largest employer in Finland. We have 37, 315 professionals in four divisions and the City’s central administration. Together, we provide local residents with high-quality services and build the foundation for good living in Helsinki.

Our employer value proposition 

With the City of Helsinki, every employee can engage in work that affects the lives of local residents and lead a full life in their own way. Learn more about what it means to work for Helsinki.

City residents will see the results of your work

The City provides you with the opportunity to make a difference in your daily duties and support good living in Helsinki. Together, we maintain a vital urban culture and ensure that everyone, from those living in Helsinki from childhood to old age to those just passing through, enjoy their time to the fullest.

With us, you can always be yourself

The efficient functioning of our city stems from the equal and non-discriminating treatment of employees and local residents alike. We want to be a city where human rights are realised comprehensively and where no one is harassed or discriminated against. We would like encourage people of different ages and genders, as well as people belonging to linguistic, cultural or other minorities, to apply for a job with us.  

Flexibility and good holiday benefits

With us, every employee can engage in work that makes a difference and lead a full life in their own way. 
The work arrangements are flexible to suit every situation in life and make it easier to balance work and personal life. We provide the opportunity to work reduced hours or apply for study leave or a leave of absence, for example. Life is not just about work, which is why we offer good holiday benefits alongside meaningful work tasks. Depending on your work experience, you will receive up to 38 days off, in addition to which Saturdays are not counted as holidays, for example. 

Opportunity for growth and development 

With the City of Helsinki, everyone can forge a unique career by building it in multiple directions. We provide a multitude of career paths and do our best to ensure that you succeed in and are inspired by your work. Enjoy appealing work in a community that studies have shown values good work relationships and boasts a culture of helpfulness and appreciation as one of its strengths. The size of Helsinki makes it a desirable partner, so you can get involved in interesting projects and networks.

Employee benefits

The benefits of a large employer are not just a good-sounding concept. We offer an extensive sports and culture benefit, a personnel fund that operates like a bank, award-winning physical activity services for employees and our own island for holiday purposes.

All those in an employment relationship lasting more than six months have the opportunity to join the City’s personnel fund, which offers a diverse range of bank services. The service of the personnel fund are free for members, and you will not need to pay extra for withdrawals or changes to the loan period.

Many museums, theatres, gyms and swimming halls provide City employees with discounts. For longer seasons, you may even get 50% off.

With Epassi, you can spend your EUR 200 sports and culture benefit the way you want, such as on sports venues or concert tickets, for example. You can use the benefit also in parts.

All employees working for over a month are granted a commuter benefit based on the length of employment to Epassi. The benefit can be up to 300 euros!

As a City of Helsinki employee, you can ride Helsinki’s city bikes all summer. You will be reimbursed for the price of the seasonal pass. This benefit is available for everyone with an employment contract of more than one month, meaning it also includes summer employees and temporary employees.

If you prefer riding your own bicycle to using public transport, you can also choose to receive a subsidy for purchasing a bike. You can receive a sum of 600 euros for two years.

The City’s physical activity services offer more than 120 classes per week as well as various events every year. The selection changes every six months, so there are always new types of classes for those who want to try something new.

As a City employee, you can apply for housing with Auroranlinna whose rent level is lower than the market price. Auroranlinna prioritises the housing applications of City employees above other applicants.

The city wants to offer its staff the opportunity to enjoy a diverse selection of lunches during the working day. You can have lunch at a subsidised price at your preferred restaurant that accepts Epassi as a payment method, which means more than 11,000 restaurants throughout Finland.

Through the City’s many employee clubs, you can take up rowing, birdwatching or choir singing, for example. The City also has the Queer Stadi network for sexual and gender minorities. The City’s various divisions and enterprises also have their own hobby groups.

Iso Iiluoto is the employees’ own island in Kallahti in the Baltic Sea. How about a picnic with family and friends or a week of holiday fun on the island as part of your summer schedule? The island features accommodations, seaside saunas and several barbeque spots.