Tell us what city services should be assessed

Is there anything about the services of the City of Helsinki or other city operations that you would like to see assessed? City residents are invited to submit their assessment suggestions on the website or by 21 January.
Snow work.
The city’s operations, such as winter maintenance of bicycle and pedestrian routes, have been assessed on the basis of suggestions from city residents. Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

The assessments will be carried out by the City of Helsinki Audit Committee. Every year, the committee covers around a dozen assessment objects, according to Liisa Kähkönen, Chief Performance Auditor of the City of Helsinki Audit Committee.

“The Audit Committee selects assessment objects that many people have suggested and are relevant not only to the city residents but also to the city as a whole. For example, last year we assessed whether the city was successful in the maintenance of bicycle and pedestrian routes and in the promotion of youth work. The Audit Committee makes recommendations to the city to improve matters as necessary,” Kähkönen explains.

A large number of assessment objects have been suggested by residents in similar surveys in recent years. Suggestions have also been requested from city council groups, councillors, city management and members of the Audit Committee.

The Audit Committee is a body under the City Council. It annually assesses whether the operational and financial targets set by the City Council for the city and the City Group have been achieved. It also assesses whether the city’s operations have been organised in an efficient and appropriate manner. The assessment reports produced by the Audit Committee are available on the city’s assessment report website.