Over 40,000 vaccination appointments made by people in risk groups - you can also get vaccinated without an appointment

More than 60 per cent of Helsinki residents who fall into risk groups have already made an appointment for an influenza and coronavirus vaccination. The vaccination of risk groups will start on 6 November 2023.
See updated information about the vaccinations at hel.fi/vaccinations.

“A great many appointments have been made for vaccinations, which is great. It shows that people have understood the importance of vaccinations. We wanted that as many as possible booked vaccination appointments, so we can shorten the queues. We hope that everyone belonging to risk groups gets the vaccines during the upcoming vaccination weeks,” says Medical Director of Health Stations Timo Lukkarinen.

Vaccines available also without an appointment

You can also go directly to a vaccination point without making an appointment. You only need to bring your Kela card or ID card.

Vaccination appointments in Maisa are currently limited. Some more time slots will be opened during the vaccination weeks. Time slots will also become available due to cancellations. Before going to a vaccination point, you should check the Maisa online service to see whether any time slots are available.

You cannot make an appointment for vaccination by phone. Please do not call the telephone services of health stations, the Medical Helpline or health counselling unnecessarily. You also cannot make an appointment by sending a message via the Maisa service.

Please go to the vaccination point nearest to your local health station to get vaccinated. 

The vaccination points may be busy at times, but we seek to make sure that the vaccinations run as smoothly as possible. The first vaccination day is usually busy. For this reason, please come and get vaccinated at a later date, if possible.

Clients’ risk group status is verified

The staff of the vaccination points check your risk group status at the door. The risk groups include people over the age of 65 and people with certain illnesses, among others. See all the risk groups eligible for vaccination.(Link leads to external service)

Close friends and relatives of people particularly susceptible to severe influenza are also among the risk groups eligible for influenza vaccination. This group includes people who live in the same residence or have weekly face-to-face contact with a person who is particularly susceptible to severe influenza. See a more precise definition of close friends and family (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, in Finnish only).(Link leads to external service)