Levels of urgency of tenant selection criteria for rental housing in the City of Helsinki to change 6.9.

The levels of urgency used in the selection of tenants for rental housing by the City of Helsinki will change on Wednesday 6 September 2023. If you have applied for a Heka apartment, please update your information.
Kuva Kalasatamassa sijaitsevasta isoisänsillasta.
Photo: Susanna Sinervuo

The levels will continue to be 'extremely urgent need of housing', 'urgent need of housing' and 'in need of housing', but their content will be more precise. This change aims to highlight the situation of applicants in very urgent need of housing.

City of Helsinki urges Heka housing applicants to fill in a new application or edit an existing application from 6 September, so that the urgency of the application can be revised as soon as possible. All housing applications will be processed according to the new criteria from 6 September, even if they still have the old level of urgency.

At the same time, Heka's housing application system will be updated and it will be possible to add a third and fourth applicant to the application. The housing needs menus will also be simplified. In the future, applicant groups with more applicants (e.g. those looking for a shared house) will be able to take advantage of the possibility of registering more applicants.

The new urgency levels can be found here.